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Energy Solutions

Climate change concerns coupled with high oil prices are driving governments to promote renewable energy solutions by revising legislation and offering a range of incentives. Back in 2007 European Union leaders reached agreement in principle to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 20% by 2020 and to have at least 10% of total energy production provided by sustainable solutions. With economic growth, our island’s need for energy will also increase. At the same time Malta is committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Alternative or better sustainable energy is now on everybody’s lips.

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JCS teamed up with Nexans Norway AS for the ongoing submarine power cable project which has provided Malta’s first power interconnection with mainland Europe. The link, involving 100km of subsea cable, with a capacity of 200MW, reduces the island’s reliance on local generation and makes it possible for Malta to achieve its emission targets by importing ‘green’ energy from Europe.



JCS has also been contributing to the progress in the infrastructure (water and energy) sector for a long time providing power cables, electricity and water meters and other ancillary products. When the Delimara Power Station was built, JCS was present in the provision of its two sixty-megawatt boilers. Today, JCS is gearing up to help Malta take up the challenge of reaching its renewable energy objectives.

Jointly Creating Success