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The Monolite is the answer to the increasing demand for design in traffic enforcement solutions. Available in all RAL colour space system colours, the equipment can be designed to blend in with the environment or provide an elegant contrast. In Versailles the poles are installed to improve traffic safety by enforcing red light laws. If requested, the Monolite can also be used for speed enforcement or a combination of the two.


Founded by champion rally driver, Maurice Gatsonides in 1958, Gatsometer contributes to the
constant reduction of road traffic victims. Gatsometer provides proven effective solutions for
automated red light and speed enforcement, environmental zone enforcement and monitoring dedicated routes – and has realized projects in over 60 countries. In France, Gatsometer is being represented by Fareco. For Malta, please contact Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd, www.jcs.com.mt .

Haarlem, the Netherlands, 26th of May 2011

Can road safety measures, such as traffic enforcement solutions, be combined with architecture and design? Gatsometer proves it’s possible. Recently its Monolite ‘design’ solution went live in the city of Versailles near Paris, France.

Protected monuments like Versailles castle logically demand the highest architectural and aesthetical requirements. For that reason it was a challenge for the Délégation à la Sécurité et la Circulation Routière (DSCR) to find a solution that is very reliable and effective, but also meets these design requirements. DSCR is the organization responsible for the installation and operation of traffic enforcement solutions in France.

The design of buildings and streets is in certain areas of France subject to the regulations and approval of the architecture protection organization ABF (Architecte des Bâtiments de France). This institute also plays a very important role in the selection of traffic enforcement equipment. For this reason, Gatsometer is proud that its Monolite traffic enforcement solution meets the design requirements of ABF.

Timo Gatsonides, Managing Director of Gatsometer: “The Monolites of Versailles are another proof that we deliver tailor made effective solutions, also when it comes to design. What is a better place to realize such a project than the environment of “Chateau de Versailles”.

Jointly Creating Success