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Light Fixtures

Recently JCS won a contract in supplying Skyparks business centre with lights fixtures from TRILUX.
TRILUX was created in 1912. They began with simple products soon led to the first pioneering innovation: luminaries with threefold lumen output. This milestone allowed the company to conquer the German market. Since then, TRILUX has proven the effectiveness of its innovation strength time and again, and on a global scale. TRILUX constantly aim to make light better, both for people and the environment. The unique combination of reflector and LED impresses not only with an appealing design but also achieves low energy consumption of up to 56% compared to conventional louvre luminaries. A high luminous efficiency of 80 lm/W also means sustainable light.

Of course all TRILUX LED luminaries represent high energy efficiency and optimal illumination, but only a few are as robust as the Nextrema weather-proof luminaire that convinces with optimal operation even under the most adverse conditions. Whether in cold stores, industrial facilities or car parks, thanks to IP66 protection the LED luminaire defies extreme temperatures, high humidity and high dust and soiling loads, and is also especially economic.



TRILUX recently presented the circadian-oriented Acuro Active ceiling and wall luminaire / the Belviso and Liventy recessed ceiling luminaires represent dynamic light, harmonious light aesthetics and high efficiency. The demands for lighting solutions in the health sector are complex and have similar levels of responsibility to the treatment of the human physique and psyche, because in addition to maximum requirements with regard to quality and reliability, many medical, therapeutic and hygienic aspects have to be taken into account as well.

Acuro Active tracks natural light during the course of the day. The Belviso and Liventy recessed ceiling luminaires create harmonious light with radiating levels of efficiency. Optimal light in reception areas as well as in waiting and relaxation zones greets patients and visitors with an inviting and calming ambience, while at the same time enabling rapid orientation and movement for the personnel. While patients in rooms place importance on atmospheric, pleasant lighting, doctors and nurses need sufficiently bright, white light for diagnosis and therapy. TRILUX bridges the gap between these differing requirements with its lighting solutions for the health sector.


Oktalite, a member of the Trilux group, has been lighting up retail spaces for over 30 years. This is their speciality. To this end, they develop light concepts, market-appropriate standard and special products and services.

They are a single-source provider: in addition to effectively staging your sales floor, they can also illuminate secondary areas, whether indoors and outdoors, competently and economically. Their extensive network of sales offices and partners around the world provide light planning, custom logistic concepts or financing and leasing services.


Jointly Creating Success