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Money Handling Concept

The JCS team is proud to announce a new Money Handling Concept in the market. The Glory CI 100 and CI 10. It has been installed in a new upcoming supermarket and will soon be in full use in the coming weeks. Training has been given to the JCS team by a Glory representative so that the machine can remain up and running for years to come.


CI 100 B/C

‘The cash recycling system CI-100 which consists of banknote recycler CI-100B and coin recycler CI-100C improves security and reduces cash handling time of day-open, shift change and day-close. CI-100 offers cashier operation for cash handling in a back office environment so that retail managers can have more time to focus on their core business. If the compact cash recycling system CI-10 is in use, the CI-10 and CI-100 offer secure closed cash management. In addition, the CI-100 handles not only the interface cassette of the CI-10 but also the loose notes of the manual cash drawer. This unique function gives retailers flexibility and extensibility.’

CI 10B/C

‘Compact cash recycling system CI-10 which consists of banknote recycler CI-10B and coin recycler CI-10C can be adapted to various markets; vertical market (bakery, shop, etc), supermarket, hypermarket. CI-10 integrated into the existing POS system enables cash handling automated, improves security, staff productivity, customer service and fund efficiency. CI-10 is designed straight lines stylishly so that it can be integrated into cash desks / self-checkouts easily. “Follow me” LED sign helps the customer to operate by himself comfortably. If cash recycling system CI-100 is placed, CI-10 and CI-100 offers a secured closed cash management.’



USF-200 Banknote Sorter

With the smallest footprint in its class, combined with an innovative
design, the USF-200 provides efficiency, accuracy and reliability; all in a compact device



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