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Street Lighting

GC Illumination

GC Illumination is a leading company specialised in production and distribution of fixtures for exterior lighting, active in the market since the early 60’s

The name of the company has its origin from the merging of GRECO (manufacturer of lighting fittings) and CLAUDE (manufacturer of lamps) done by ITT US group, at that time owner of both companies.
Later on, when the ALCATEL group acquired all the ITT European activities, G.C. ILLUMINATION was included into the new organization, with the name of ALCATEL Lighting Division. In 1996, following the internal reorganization operated by ALCATEL, the above lighting division was acquired by an independent group of shareholders, consisting of former ALCATEL managers, who gave the company the original denomination, keeping and improving the already consolidated technology as well as the qualified staff. Such a solution enabled G.C. ILLUMINATION to gain further dynamism and motivations, basic characteristics of a medium sized company.

The above characteristics, added to the constant upgrading of the products, allow G.C. ILLUMINATION to offer a wide range of highly qualified fittings (IMQ/ENEC approved), particularly suited for technical lighting of motorways, streets and roads, urban areas, tunnels, historical city centres, sports installations, large areas.

With a traditional presence in the domestic market, G.C. ILLUMINATION srl usually supplies the main public utilities, municipalities, installation companies of North, Middle and Sourthern Italy. Concerning export activities, the company can boast an increasing presence in the main EU countries (France, UK, Spain, Greece, Poland), Mediterranean countries (Morocco, Malta, Tunisia, Cyprus, Libya), Middle East (Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Oman), Far East (China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia), Southern America (Chile, Brazil), Africa (Senegal, Nigeria, Mauritius).

The highly qualified technical staff supported by an excellent and flexible sales department let G.C.ILLUMINATION successfully adapt to each specific requirement, and the range of fixtures represents the optimal solution for installations requiring at the same time design, photometric performances and lower environmental impact.


Lemnis Public Lighting

Better visibility with less energy. Almost 20% of the world’s electricity is consumed by lighting. Lemnis Public Lighting has developed a worldwide pioneering concept for the illumination of public areas. With this concept we save up to 90% electricity consumption together with cost of maintenance and replacement.

Perfect vision In our led based concepts we create light which perfectly matches the sensitivity of the human eye at low light levels (dawn and night). This way we provide perfect visibility while using less energy.

Sustainable Our lighting systems offer a considerable contribution to sustainability, energy conservation and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Wasteful public lighting is history once and for all.

Applications Lemnis LED lighting is applied in residential neighbourhoods, alongside roads, in parks and in parking lots. Also in areas where light pollution must be limited to a minimum, such as in nature areas and the countryside, our lighting systems prove their added value.

Proven technology At more than 700 sites our customers have improved visibility and save more than 10 million kWh every year and this amount is constantly growing.

Our advantages

1 Perfect vision: At low light levels our human eye is more sensitive to certain colours. By using those colours in our luminaires we provide better contrasts and perfect colour recognition which results in perfect visibility.
2 Energy saving: The combination of led technology and LPL’s mesopic concept results in energy savings up to 90%
3 Cost reduction: Besides energy saving we also save cost of replacements (bulbs) and maintenance. This results in a short return on investment and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
4 Durability: We use pure led chips without the use of phosphors. Besides that the operating temperature is low. Therefor we can assure high quality and a long operation time with almost no drop of light output

Lemnis is known for its innovative products. We integrate knowledge of visual perception with the newest LED and lighting technologies − a Dutch invention which has brought about a breakthrough in sustainable public lighting. Our products are designed in the Netherlands and continuously tested in our in-house laboratory, which has the availability of the most exclusive measurement equipment. Our lighting systems offer a considerable contribution to sustainability, energy conservation and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Wasteful public lighting is history once and for all.

Our mission
Lemnis strives for an accelerated transition from conventional lighting to a sustainable and high-quality alternative, based on LEDs. As a company, we wish to be a symbol of change towards sustainability and to apply our energy-saving lighting systems world-wide.


Long lifetime
The Lemnis luminaires have a long lifetime and require little energy and maintenance. Maintenance is limited to cleaning, because replacement of the light sources is not necessary. The LED light sources are of a very high quality and therefore have a higher efficiency and longer lifetime. LEDs, electronics and luminaires are designed and selected so that a lifespan of at least 80,000 hours is obtained.

Smooth surface
The surface of the Lemnis luminaires is completely smooth and dirt repelling thanks to the special coating which is used. The luminaires also make use of internal instead of external fins. All these features prevent that the luminaire attracts dust, dirt, insects, etc. Which is bad for the heat management as the lamp would get warmer and lifetime would be shorter. Usually the lamps need to be cleaned once in a while, but with Lemnis products maintenance is hardly necessary.





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