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Security Products

Security is one of the highest priorities for most companies around the world. JCS strives to provide the expected level of support and security implementations within the most daring industries. Passports as well as eID cards handling fall within our area of expertise.


Passports, Driving Licenses and eID

In this field we have many years of experience. We were sole producers/suppliers of the Maltese driving licence cards for over ten years. We have also been involved in the supply of passports (produced by De La Rue Identity Systems) carrying out servicing and maintenance of the local Passport Issuing System. More recently, we have been actively supporting our esteemed Principals who, in 2008, were awarded a contract for the supply of a National Identity Management System to the Malta Government, producing the Maltese Biometric Passports and electronic ID cards which have just come on stream.


Jointly Creating Success