JANUS-N By Leonardo
Medium & Long Range Panoramic Sight​

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We provide digital security solutions and services to stay ahead of attackers, ensuring the highest levels of protection, situational awareness and information superiority. Our solutions, integrated with intelligent analytics, range from threats’ detection to cyber attacks’ management and remediation.

Our networks integration platforms, devices and applications satisfy our customers’ most challenging requirements. We deliver turnkey solutions to serve mission critical and professional communities, such as public safety, civil protection, critical infrastructures. 

We design and develop integrated command and control platforms for urban security, protection of critical infrastructures and major events, emergency management as well as territory control.

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A field-proven, high performance, stabilised, multi-sensor naval suite

Designed to deliver combined medium and long range panoramic sight, day/night, all weather in rugged, sealed, self contained, compact package. JANUS-N is a field-proven, high performance stabilised multi sensor naval suite selected by the Italian Navy as surveillance sensor for sea patrolling.
It incorporates the company’s high performance infrared, staring, focal plane array sensor technology for high resolution night vision and a high performance colour CCD TV with optional Laser rangefinder.

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