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Subsea and Land HV Cable

Subsea Cable

JCS teamed up with Nexans Norway AS for the ongoing submarine power cable project which has provided Malta’s first power interconnection  with mainland Europe. The link, involving 100km of subsea cable, and with a capacity of 200MW, has reduced the island’s reliance on local generation and makes it possible for Malta to achieve its emission targets by importing ‘green’ energy from Europe.

Land HV Cable

Nexans offers an extensive range of cables and cabling systems to raise industrial  productivity, improve business performance, enhance security, enrich the quality of life and assure long-term network reliability. Nexans is renowned for its design, manufacturing and services capabilities, over one hundred years experience specifically in laying cables in tunnels and extremely high quality standard. Of note in recent years, they are the only European company to  have implementated successfully a project involving more than 50 km of 500 kV cable laid in tunnel, namely the Shibo – Shanghai project. As a worldwide leader in the cable industry, Nexans provides complete cabling solutions for power production, transmission and distribution. New technologies significantly increase capacity and reduce the danger of blackouts. To meet diverse needs  of incumbent and new telecom operators, Nexans has customized solutions aimed at lowering capital expeniditure and operating costs.


Jointly Creating Success