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Water Metering

The scarcity of natural water resources in Malta has made the development of this sector a crucial one. For more than fifty years, JCS has been an active contributor in this field, supplying, to both government and private organisations, water-meters, pipes, flow-meters, pumps, filters and ancillary instrumentation.



JCS has earned a reputation with its customers for providing tailor-made solutions for the improvement of water quality, reduction of water consumption and development of monitoring systems for all types of water, including hot water, cold water, steam and brine.In a nation-wide project carried out in collaboration with Elster Metering, domestic water-meters were supplied to the Water Services Corporation for the upgrading of water metering in all Maltese households. This project enabled accurate reading at low flow rates to control previously unaccounted-for water and opened the way for remote water-meter reading. This is a typical example of the applications JCS can come up with to provide optimal solutions.

Jointly Creating Success