About Us

“Malta’s growth and its economy is an integral part of our DNA,
we always feel we want to give back by participating and investing in Malta’s infrastructure”

Maronna Filletti,
Executive Director, Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd

Established more
than 100 years ago

The company, Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd is a member of the M.Demajo Group. It enjoys strong business relationships with leading suppliers some of whom it has teamed up to successfully bid for large-scale tenders involving complex infrastructural projects in the fields of energy, the environment and security, amongst others.

Apart from representing world-renowned brands and companies, one of the strengths of Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd lies in its factory-trained technical team providing a 24-hour maintenance and support service. It is ultimately on the basis of this, coupled with its years of experience, that it has built its success story across Malta’s various economic sectors successfully handling, delivering and supporting intricate projects and equipment to its customers full satisfaction.