Environment Projects

Joseph Cachia & Son offers an extensive range of high-quality machines 
designed to suit any environments.

Rotary Atomisers are available as a mobile or fixed solution for a variety of applications including; odour control, dust suppression, disinfection and cooling.

Designed for small store formats, FLEX is Envipco’s solution for an efficient, easy to use, cost-effective way to recycle empty drinks packages. Its compact size and low cost means it will fit both your location and your budget. Plus, Envipco’s breakthrough compaction delivers the industry’s best container densification – allowing for maximum container storage in a small space.

Envipco’s ULTRA model will set you above the competition and meet accessibility requirements by serving the special needs of all consumers. ULTRA delivers these advantages with an in-feed and user controls that are 1220 mm (48”) above the floor – well within arm’s reach of individuals that use a wheel chair or a motorised shopping cart. Even small children helping their parents can easily operate the ULTRA. Features market leading and patented compaction technology for all fractions.

The OPTIMA design is an attractive solution for any retailer or redemption center featuring a modern user interface, and ultrafast container processing. OPTIMA is the most versatile reverse vending machines on the market today with all three commodities accepted through a single infeed and offering variable storage configurations. 

Available in both Indoor and Outdoor kiosk models and high storage capacity configurations.

Envipco’s QUANTUM has revolutionised beverage container recycling. The patented QUANTUM solution combines convenient bulk-feed, high-speed processing with industrial-sized collection bins and the market’s most effective compaction technology. Touchless and hygienic, with high capacity storage and super-fast container processing, QUANTUM delivers a simple and stress-free recycling experience to consumers. Available in both Indoor and Outdoor models.