Cash payments meeting today’s technologies

Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd’s (JCS) aim, especially during a pandemic, was that of adding a product in its portfolio whereby cash would still be used in a safe and healthy way. By representing an international market leader in the sector, Glory Global Solutions providers of state-of- art money handling equipment, is dedicated to freeing the client from manual cash processing, allowing the casher to focus on delivering the best experience to their customers. A valuable tool for companies and shop owners to be more secure, more efficient and hassle-free from human error in their day-to-day handling of cash, as manual cash management is slow, costly and error-prone in mitigating risk while also keeping operations costs low.

The contactless cash payment solution from Glory is innovative and far ahead of any other competitor. JCS’s strategy is to introduce this contactless cash payment solution further across various sectors so that everyone can see and experience its benefits. The solution is called CashInfinity, cash and note recycling machines that are ECB approved, can handle cash in an accurate, efficient, and safe manner. A state-of-the art Front-office solution within the product range and different models are available. The system can facilitate cash transcations between deployed staff and customers by keeping each keeping their distance at the point of payment, transforming cash into a contactless payment method, whilst also offering a back-office machine to manage cash and reduce time in coin and notes counting and sorting.
There are various sectors and businesses that can benefit from these cash solutions such as small or large retail outlets, clinics, pharmacies, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, cash exchange bureaux amongst others
The Cash Infinfinity Solution is practically suitable for any business that accepts cash as a type of payment.

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