Kusters money handling machines

Joseph Cachia & Son offers an extensive range of high-quality note and coin counting/sorting machines 
designed to suit all-cash counting or sorting tasks in both front-office and back-office environments.

Used banknotes, which are at the end of their lifecycle, and misprinted currency need to be destroyed and recycled in a modern and orderly fashion. Banknote destruction and currency invalidation for misprinted currency (paper, polymer and hybrids) need to be handled with the utmost precision and care whilst maintaining quality, innovation and process control. Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering offers smart custom-made banknote destruction solutions.

CDS-P Series
For banknote printing works

The CDS-P series are entirely engineered and produced at Kusters’ facilities in the Netherlands. Each system offers efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly disintegration of misprinted banknotes in the form of sheets, reams, cut-strips/trimmings and banknote packages. The technology of disintegration is based on a two-stage process, pre-cutting by means of an integrated guillotine followed by granulation.