NGZ money handling machines

From banknote counters to coin rolling machines, JCS offers individual solutions for tailor-made money processing, courtesy of NGZ.

NGZ 8005 consists of a conveyor for coin rolls and an ergonomically designed work table. The table is equipped with a portioning and filling device. Together with an NGZ coin rolling machine and a vacuum packaging device, a complete workstation is created with which packaging for coin rolls suitable for the German Federal Bank is produced. NGZ 8005 can be combined with all NGZ rollers and the NGZ 88 vacuum sealer.

NGZ 8010
Fully-automatic coin roller

The NGZ 8010 is a highly efficient solution for wrapping coin rolls in handy foil packs. A new PLC with touchscreen makes operation easy and safe. The NGZ 8010 offers even more flexibility when setting the operating parameters, such as welding times, temperatures, etc. and can therefore be better adapted to specific requirements. Individual settings can be stored in the memory of the PLC and called up when required.

NGZ 8611
Coin Roll Packaging System

The NGZ 8611 is a semiautomatic coin roll packaging system. The coin rolls are packed in two rows of five pieces into shrink film bags. This way of coin rolls packing meets the requirements of many Central Banks. The high packing capacity of about 60 rolls per minute is achieved by of the coin rolls into the bag. This enables the operator to prepare the next bag, to put completed packages into the shrinking tunnel and to pick up shrunk packages from the outlet track.

smart coin handling

No towing, no emergency solutions, no improvising – the solution for all work processes between coin sorting, packaging and storage. Narrow coin containers with high capacity. Trolley for safe transport of the containers in the smallest of spaces. Container stations for filling, storing and transporting the coins using a coin lift.

NGZ 88, 814A & 57A
Robust and reliable

NGZ 88 is a high-performance vacuum sealer for packs of banknotes and coin rolls. It can be used as a tabletop device or with the NGZ 56 mobile stand. The powerful vacuum pump enables quick and efficient money processing. NGZ 88 can process up to three packs of banknotes or coin rolls at the same time. The pressure and sealing time can be individually adjusted via the user-friendly display. Five programs are available for saving the settings. The digital display enables the vacuuming process to be monitored.