Envipco Flex
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Accounting & Deposit Clearing System

The clearinghouse system is an essential part of processing drinks containers in deposit markets. In the US deposit states, Envipco operates the clearing and accounting systems, monitoring eligible deposit refunds at the point of redemption and applicable handling fees. Leading manufacturers and bottlers serving the deposit locations trust the customised reports and detailed activity logs that Envipco prepares to ensure appropriate reimbursement.

Our programmers and technology experts pioneered and patented deposit clearing and have kept Envipco in the forefront with our Envipco Deposit Accounting System (eDAS). The tight controls that Envipco has established help eliminate waste and fraud by accurately processing each container. The technology saves labour costs associated with recording drinks packaging returns and also allows retail clients to reject containers that they do not sell at their retail locations.

Logistics & Transport

The OPTIMA design is an attractive solution for any retailer or redemption center featuring a modern user interface, and ultrafast container processing. OPTIMA is the most versatile reverse vending machines on the market today with all three commodities accepted through a single infeed and offering variable storage configurations. 

Available in both Indoor and Outdoor kiosk models and high storage capacity configurations.

enVision Digital Suite

enVision, Envipco’s suite of digital products, offers a broad choice of options for our customers. From RVM monitoring and supplies fulfillment to digital payment options, we have the answers needed to maximise the efficiency of your drinks recycling programme and provide the most technically advanced, easy to use products to your consumer.

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