Steel Backed Timber Guardrail

World leader in the market of mixed wood-metal guardrail, the French company Tertu became in a few years a key actor of road safety in the world. Thanks to its expertise and knowledge of the field, Tertu is the preferred partner for your road and off-road projects.

A pioneer in the wood-to-metal safety barrier market, the Tertu company has continued to innovate so that its wood-to-metal safety barriers can meet standard requirements as well as the constraints encountered in the field by its customers.

Avant-garde and dynamic, Tertu quickly completed its range of innovative and standardised restraint systems by becoming the exclusive French distributor of the prestigious Trinity and Marcegaglia brands. With its expertise in the field of guardrails, Tertu has also developed a range of technical solutions in wood or wood-metal for the development of urban and natural sites.

From innovation to novelty, the company has the widest range of wood-to-metal guardrails on the market with no less than 18 models.

Today, in the era of road mobility, Tertu is taking a new turn and asserting its position as a key player in road safety, by launching its first connected safety devices.